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Technology Clients

Crawford Communications has served clients in the technology industry that include:

  • 101 OnLine - videotext service
    Organized a Washington, D.C. press conference that generated local and national media coverage for the introduction of a mass market computer information service developed by this French-based start-up; conducted media training for company executives.

  • Autotown - automotive software
    Provided strategic guidance and public relations support for this start-up's introduction of a new integrated software program designed to improve all aspects of automotive dealership marketing and management at the National Automotive Dealers Association in Orlando, Florida.

  • Broderbund - consumer software
    Provided public relations counsel and support for the launch of the newest version of Print Shop, the company's flagship software program for consumers.

  • Opticom Corp. - computer services
    Promoted the launch of "Faxview," a fax service that enabled residential real estate agents and their clients to access and view MLS properties throughout the San Jose market.

  • Pacific Bell - telecommunications
    Served as subject matter specialist for the company's business voicemail service; provided publicity support targeted to trade and business media; interacted with voicemail product managers; and conducted media training for executives who served as media spokespersons.

  • Standard Telecom America - pagers
    Provided strategic guidance and public relations support for the company's introduction of a new line of Nixxo pagers at the Personal Communications Showcase trade show.